Jaz Dulay

 Coach Rusty

 I started losing muscle mass and the pressure of the wife and kids saying “listen dad, you need to get yourself back into shape”. I’ve become more energetic, more lively, and more active in my thinking.

Robert Duncan

Coach Alfred

 I’ve been training with Alfred doing all kinds of things - a lot of technique and a lot of fitness. I feel a lot better since I’ve started.

Zaid Al Jamal


During my journey at UFC GYM, I’ve lost almost 26 kilos.

Wesley Thomas “Jerry”


UFC GYM is a community and people over here from all over the world. We’re like a family. 

Maen Hijazi

Coach Raphael

The biggest influence for me to get into BJJ was my coach Raphael. It really affects me on a different level in terms of stress relief, balance, patience, my sleep, my overall health.

Ricky Harai

Coach Munaf

Training is good, keeps me healthy, positive and my energy up.



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