Mixed Martial Arts


Calorie Burn: 355-500*

Skill Level: All
Type: Mixed Martial Arts
Duration: 50 Minutes
Gym Location: Octagon, Mat Area

Mixed Martial Arts

Self Defense

Many styles of martial arts are practiced for self-defense or include self-defense techniques. Some martial arts train how to escape from a knife or gun situation, or how to break away from a punch, while others train how to attack. To provide more practical self-defense, many modern martial arts schools now use a combination of martial arts styles and techniques, and will often customize self-defense training to suit individual participants.

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Bare foot, sports wear, towel, water


Boxing Skills

This class will take you to the next level and build on the foundation you've already established in prior classes. Learn more experienced boxing skills and techniques including partner, offensive and defensive drills.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi)

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi), students will learn the foundations of BJJ working on basic and advanced in technique and focus. Level 1: Takedowns, Self-defense techniques, Position Controls, Position Escapes and Submissions. Level 2: Master the fundamental techniques and sequences, learn Takedowns, Submissions, Submission Escapes, Combo Attacks, Combo Escapes and BJJ technique drills. Level 3: Advanced techniques and sequences. Includes Combination Takedowns, Takedown Counters, Live Takedowns, Transition Techniques, High Level Attacks & Escapes, High Level Counters & Submissions and specific BJJ games.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (No Gi)

Students will learn the foundations of BJJ working on basic techniques. The program includes Fundamental Takedowns, Self-Defense Techniques, Position Controls, Position Escapes and Submissions. BJJ No Gi classes are less technical and offer a faster and more dynamic style of fighting. Students do not qualify for belt or stripe ranks in the BJJ No Gi program.

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